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Woodbridge Presbyterian (1877) .jpg

Woodbridge Presbyterian (1877)
7971 Kipling Ave

Quick Facts:

Construction Materials:

dichromatic brick, stained glass window with trefoil, bell tower with iron cresting


  • The price of the church costed the same as what an organ would cost in 1877.  In order to cover the cost, there was a subscription service "Village people and Mechanics three months between payments and to Farmers six months said instalments to be kept up for two years"

    • Reference: "Session Minutes 1875 to 1918," York County Records:  Woodbridge Presbyterian Church (G.S. 6420, Archives of Ontario), 1876

  • In October 1954, Hurricane Hazel flooded the lower half of the village of Woodbridge. The church is at a higher elevation and was used as a relief centre for people that were effected by the floods.

Research provided by Gioia Pitimada.


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Woodbridge Presbyterian (1877).jpg
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