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Vaughan Township Hall 2_edited.jpg

Vaughan Township Hall, 1919
(9541 Weston Road) 

Vaughan Township Hall_edited.jpg
Vaughan Township Hall 3_edited.jpg
Vaughan Township Hall 1_edited.jpg
  • The surrounding area was originally known as the hamlet of Vellore

  • The 'Vaughan Memorial Hall' was originally known as the 'Vellore Township Hall.' It was renamed in 'Memorial Hall' in 1919 to honour the local soldiers who had died in the first World War.

  • In 1983 the Hall was established as a heritage property.

  • The Hall is currently used for special events, corporate workshops, exhibitions, and sales. 

Construction Materials:

  • Built as a simple red frame building with white trim. 

  • In 1919 a new classical style veranda with columns was constructed and the whole building was renovated and covered with brick

  • Both the basement and main floor of the Township Hall have four windows on each side covered by arched radiating voussoirs.

  • A small window on the north facade looks into what was originally the area where they had kept a vault, which kept important Township documents.


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Vaughan Township Hall
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