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St.Paul's Presbyterian Church
& Cemetery (1888)
10150 Pine Valley Drive

Quick Facts:

  • The original church that burned down was built in August of 1844.

  • The new church that stands now started being built on February of 1888

  • Thomas Wright was employed as carpenter and David Johnson as mason

  • The bricks were made on-site, of local materials

  • The practicing religion for the church was Presbyterianism

  • Services were conducted in English and Gaelic

  • St. Paul's was situated on the property of Peter Snyder, a farmer who's religion was listed as "none particular"

  • A census taken in 1842 indicated that one-third of the population of Vaughan Township was Presbyterian

Construction Materials:

Polychromatic brickwork and rubble stone

  • It was the second church to occupy the site

  • The first church was paid for in Halifax currency

  • The year 1944 marked the hundredth anniversary of St. Paul's church

  • In 1971, the Town of Vaughan took ownership of St. Paul's cemetery

Research conducted by Celeste Lorusso.


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Corporation of the Town of Vaughan, Office of the City Clerk, et al. By-Law Number 133-88, 1888.

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