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Maria Villagomez_Soules inn_Elevatio.jpg

Photo courtesy of Maria Villagomez (taken in 2020).

Soule's Inn (1850)
8038 Yonge Street

"Originally known as the Thornhill Mansion House, this building was constructed approximately 1827 for David Soules. The Georgian brick structure with a classical doorway served for many years as Thornhill's finest hotel. The spacious yard and barns served as a base for stage coaches between Holland Landing and York Toronto until the Metropolitan Railway was built in 1896. Soules Inn later became the Royal Hotel and was run by Sheppard and Featherstone until the transfer of ownership in 1872, after which it became the Christian's Temperance Hotel. The property changed hands several times throughout the early 1900s and finally became a nursing home in 1970. This building holds historical significance as one of the few surviving properties from the original Thorne's Hill village. The Soules Inn was designated as a heritage property in 1983."


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Region, York. “Soules Inn.” Flickr, Yahoo!, 5 June 2017,

Soule's Inn ca. 1980s (RG 18-013.01).jpg

"Soules Inn c.1980s."
Courtesy of Vaughan Archives

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