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Robert West House 2 .JPG

Photo courtesy of the City of Vaughan Archives.

Robert West House (1843)
7780 Yonge Street

Built for Robert A. West, 7780 Yonge Street is the only house known in Thornhill to have been occupied by the same family since its construction. Robert West was an English immigrant who came to Upper Canada in the 1830s. He was a general merchant, a village postmaster, a village trustee, an elder in the Methodist church and secretary-treasurer of the public school board. During the summer of 1843, West began to build a one-and-a-half storey frame house at what is now 7780 Yonge Street, directly across the street from his store. Upon completion of the house in 1849, West purchased the property for 50 pounds. The structure has undergone changes throughout the years, but the additions have remained faithful to its original rural Neoclassic style. The remarkable preservation of the West house as well as the many records from the family and the store are indicative of the value that the West family placed on their own history and that of Thornhill. The Robert West House was designated as a heritage property in 1982.

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City of Vaughan Bylaw # 17-82 heritage designation


Thornhill Heritage Foundation About the Robert West House

Robert West House.jpg

Photo courtesy of the City of Vaughan Archives.

Sofia Racco_Robert West House_Perspective copy.jpg

Photo courtesy of Sofia Racco, taken 2020.

The Robert West House Thornhill, Ontario

Photo courtesy of the City of Vaughan.

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