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Martin Smith House "Redcroft" (1852) 10384 Islington Avenue

Martin Smith House
10384 Islington Avenue 

Styles:  Ontario Cottage (main structure)

              Regency (porch)

Time Period:  Georgian

An excerpt from the by-law that protects this site:

"Built in 1852, the heritage value of the Martin Smith house is found in its history and long-standing cultural connection to the community. The Smiths were some of the earliest settlers in the Kleinburg area and this house reflects their success and hard work in the creation of a homestead. The farm property originally covered 150 acres, a large part of which is now the McMichael Canadian Art Collection landscape. The prominent location of the Martin Smith house at 10384 Islington Avenue serves as the symbolic gateway between the village and rural countryside. The original house was a simple Georgian design and the peaked gable and window in the centre of the front façade were later additions. Also known as Redcroft, the house has notable tassel ornaments on the porch mouldings. Recent construction around this home saw the execution of Vaughan's first heritage easement. The house is now part of a condominium complex that incorporates other heritage homes. The Martin Smith House became designated as a heritage property in 1979." 


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Photo courtesy of York Region flickr

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