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9954 Keele Street, Masjid Vaughan (forme

Masjid Vaughan
formerly Maple United Church,
and Maple Methodist Church, 1870 
9954 Keele Street

  • The history of the Maple United Church goes back to 1840 in what was then known as Rupertville (Maple). 

  • On the 12th of April 1839, Peter Rupert (Reupard) conveyed one acre of land for a chapel and burying ground to the Wesleyan Methodist Church (later Maple Methodist Church then Maple United Church) to trustees Daniel McDougall, Joseph Frasier, Adam Reupard, Jacob Reupard, Peter Dickout, Peter Frank and John Iceman.

  • The practicing religion at the church was Methodism, a strand of religion rooted from Protestant Christianity.

  • The original church accommodated about 200 people and had Gothic Revival style.

  • August 9th was the first day of mass which raised $1,000.00.

  • In 1869, a meeting was held to prepare a new church for better accommodation of the congregation.

  • On December 23, 1869 the new Wesleyan Methodist church was reconstructed in what then became Maple and on February 16, 1870 a tender for $3,500 was offered by Richard Masy and was accepted.

  • The cornerstone of the new church was laid on June 16, 1870.

  • On December 27, 1870 the first mass occurred.

  • In February of 1871 a burial ground was built for $132 and is now part of the Maple United Cemetery on Major Mackenzie Drive.

Construction Materials

Brick, Stained Glass Windows.

"The dimensions of the building are 38 feet by 28, and about 17 feet in height and will accommodate nearly two hundred persons. It has six Gothic windows, and a door on the south side in the same style of architecture. There is a Vestry attached to the north end. The whole of the exterior is painted a slate colour, with white cornice and windows; the interior is painted a stone colour, with the exception of the pulpit and altar railing, which are painted to imitate oak,- the whole presenting a handsome appearance." (Christian Guardian, September 9, 1840, p.182.)

Research conducted by Aria Brown in 2019.


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Maple United Church 1930s.JPG

"Maple United Church 1930s."

Courtesy of Vaughan Archives.

Maple United Church 1970.JPG

"Maple United Church 1970."

Courtesy of Vaughan Archives.

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