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MacDonald House, Thornhill.jpg

MacDonald House
(121 Centre Street)

This site contains the home and studio used by two of Canada's most significant artists, J.E.H. MacDonald, and his son Thoreau MacDonald.

An excerpt from the by-law that protects this location:

MacDonald House (121 Centre Street).png

The famous Group of Seven painting "The Tangled Garden" was painted on these grounds.


J.E.H. MacDonald (1873–1932), The Tangled Garden, 1916, oil on beaverboard, 121.4 x 152.4 cm, Gift of W.M. Southam, F.N. Southam, and H.S. Southam, 1937, in memory of their brother Richard Southam, National Gallery of Canada, Accession number 4291.

Thoreau Macdonald House Thornhill MG 40.

"Thoreau Macdonald House"

MG 40

Photo courtesy of Vaughan Archives.

121 Centre Street 02.png

"121 Centre Street 02"

Photo courtesy of Vaughan Archives.

Thoreau Macdonald House Centre St Thornh

"Thoreau Macdonald House Centre St Thornhill" MG 40

Photo courtesy of Vaughan Archives.


"Thoreau Macdonald"

Photo courtesy of Vaughan Archives.


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