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Pierre Burton Heritage Centre (formerly
Kleinburg United Church_elevation_edited

Pierre Berton Heritage Centre
formerly Kleinburg United Church, 1926
10418 Islington Ave

Kleinburg United Church_perspective_edit
  • Built in 1926, opened May 15, 1927

  • designs were made by a Toronto architect named Frank Rae. Contracts were made with Birnel Graham for the building of the church, the carpentry, and shingling of the roof.  Frank Dobson and William Black of Bolton were masons, volunteers carried out excavation of the old church.​

  • On May 15, 1927, opening services were conducted. When the church opened its doors, it was known as Kleinburg United Church.

  • On September 22, 2018, the grand opening ceremony of the new Pierre Berton Heritage Centre was hosted.

  • The restored Kleinburg Church became home to a permanent exhibit celebrating Pierre Berton and offering community space for public events.

Construction Materials:

Brick, lumber from the old church


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Kleinburg Heritage Study

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Pierre Burton Heritage Centre (detail).j
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