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Kleinburg Train Station.jpg
Kleinburg Train Station (detail).jpg

Kleinburg Railway Station(1904)
10415 Islington Avenue

Style:  Arts & Crafts

An excerpt from the by-law that protects this site:

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 3.15.56 PM.png


“Kleinburg Station.” Toronto Railway Historical Association, 28 Jan. 2021,

Old Time Trains,

Ontario Heritage Trust. “Https://”

Kleinburg Railway Scott House.jpg
Kleinburg Railway Scott House 2.jpg
Kleinburg Railway Scott House 1.jpg
Old post card view of new station Standa

"Old post card view of new station Standard No. 5 built 1908."

Collection of Doug Birchill.

Kleinburg Station

"Kleinburg station in 1967, now missing the order board mast entirely. A lone baggage cart remains on the platform."

Courtesy of Ingenium Digital Archives. 

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