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Holy Trinity Anglican Prespective 1.jpg

Holy Trinity Anglican (1830)
140 Brooke Street

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Holy Trinity Anglican Elevation Side Vie
Holy Trinity Elevation front.jpg
Holy Trinity (detail of tower), Thornhill.jpg

An excerpt from the by-law that protects this site:

  • Holy Trinity Anglican Church is the longest running Anglican Church in Vaughan.

  • Holy Trinity church has been a practising Anglican church since it opened in 1840.

Construction Materials:

Wood siding

-Despite disasters like the Cholera Plague of 1832 and the rebellion of 1837, the church continued to prosper, and actually doubled in size showing the demand there was for an Anglican church in this area.
-June of 1840, Holy Trinity Church and its burial was consecrated, declaring that the land of Holy Trinity church was officially sacred.
- Additional pews were added in 1840 and 1866 due to the large demand for this church.



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Holy Trinity Church, 1920 (MG 40) (1).jp

"Holy Trinity Church, 1920"

From the Thoreau Macdonald fonds – accession number MG 40.

Courtesy of Vaughan Archives

Thornhill Holy Trinity Church

"Interior of Thornhill Holy Trinity Church, no date."

From accession M991.34.

Courtesy of Vaughan Archives.

Thornhill Holy Trinity Church  M991.34.j

"Thornhill Holy Trinity Church,

no date."

From accession M991.34.

Courtesy of Vaughan Archives.

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