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Edwardian Classicism

Edwardian Classicism is associated with the reign of King Edward VII (1901-10). The style incorporates Classical features (colonettes, voussoirs, keystones, etc.), but they are understated and applied sparingly. Edwardian Classicism has simple, balanced designs, straight rooflines and relatively simple detailing. Cornice brackets and braces are block-like; most doors and windows have flat arches or plain stone lintels. Buildings in this style generally have smooth surfaces and many windows. Compared to the exuberant Victorian predecessor styles, Edwardian Classicism exhibits more compact and simplified massing, restrained use of ornament and less elaborate colour schemes. 

Excerpted from:

The Ontario Heritage Trust. “Architectural Style.” Ontario Heritage Trust, 27 Mar. 2017,


To learn more about Edwardian Classicism:

Blumenson, John. Ontario Architecture: A Guide to Styles and Building 1784 to the Present. Markham, Ont.: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1990.

(Source image courtesy of Google Streetview)

(Source image courtesy of Google Streetview)

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