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Doctor's House & Livery

Style:  Georgian

"Built in 1867 by John Dalziel, the white frame house at 21 Nashville Road in Kleinburg has been known as The Doctor's House since Dr. James D. Stephenson lived there in the 1870s. The original lot was owned by John N. Kline and it was sold to James Robinson in 1848. Robinson sold the lot to John Dalziel in 1867 who later built his home that same year. After Dalziels death, the house was sold to Dr. James Stephenson in 1871. In 1877, Dr. Thomas Harbey Robinson took over the property and practiced in Kleinburg until his death in 1929. During this time Dr. Robinson attended to patients in the surrounding countryside, travelling to his patients using a buggy in the summer and a cutter in the winter. The house was built near the top of the hill that leads to John Klines mills below and remains in good condition. The frame construction built on stones provides an example of a dwelling that was common in the early Township of Vaughan. The buildings surrounding and including the original Doctor's House now function as a restaurant and event venue. The house became a designated heritage property in 1979."



City of Vaughan Bylaw # 48-79 heritage designation


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Doctor House Front

Photo courtesy of the City of Vaughan Archives, Office of the City Clerk.

Doctors House Side Face_edited.jpg
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