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Cober Dunkard Church, 1888
8785 Dufferin Street

Style:  Loyalist

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Copy of Scarlato_Cober Dunkard Church_ 2

Protected under Vaughan Register of property of cultural heritage value as per part IV subsection 27, Ontario Heritage Act

Date built: 1888

Address: 8785 Dufferin Street 

Concession: 2

Lot: 12

Style: Loyalist (1800-1850)

Comments: Peter Cober, George cober original owner of property; Peter Cober was bishop of Dunkard Church:  currently owned by the City of Vaughan.

(City of Vaughan, Cultural Services. Register of Property of Cultural Heritage Value (As per Part IV, Subsection 27, Ontario Heritage Act), 2005.)

"George Cober, a son of Bishop Peter Cober, donated the adjoining land south of the cemetery for the church property. His brother Nicholas was the main carpenter. The building is made of first growth white pine; the floor has never been painted, nor have the benches, which show the marks of the hand plane. The original box stove is still in use. The Church shed, a pioneer structure, remains in good repair, and it's very existence is considered unique." (p. 173)

Languages: German and English

"Services were held entirely in German until 1860, when Bishop Peter Cober began to introduce English preaching. The custom of singing a German hymn at the end of each service continued until 1916." (p.175)


Religion:  Dunkard (The church of the Brethren)

Construction materials:

First growth white pine

The shed beside the church is considered the only original church shed in Vaughan.


Esterhammer, Angela. “The Mennonites and the Dunkards .” A History of Vaughan Township Churches, edited by Catherine Macfarlane and Patricia Somerville, Vaughan Township Historical Society, 1985, pp. 173–176.

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