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"Wallace Brothers General Store, Pine St., south east corner Wallace St."

Courtesy of Toronto Public Library.

Greek Revival

The Greek Revival style is inspired by Greek temples, classical proportions and classical details. The style emerged at a time when the British were developing a fascination with Greek architecture. Greek Revival architecture was also popular with Americans, who valued the association with Greece, considered the birthplace of democracy. Greek Revival structures are rarely archaeologically correct. The style was often blended with other styles, such as the American “Federal-style” architecture. This style is relatively rare in Ontario’s places of worship, though there are several examples in other buildings in southern Ontario.

Taken from:

The Ontario Heritage Trust. “Architectural Style.” Ontario Heritage Trust, 27 Mar. 2017,


To learn more:

Blumenson, John. Ontario Architecture: A Guide to Styles and Building 1784 to the Present. Markham, Ont.: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1990.

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