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Christ Church Anglican (1921) 8045 Islington Ave

"Christ Church Woodbridge traces its beginnings from 1842 when the Church of England and Ireland established itself in Pine Grove and Burwick. Services of worship were first held in a small log building located on a farm behind the present Pine Grove Nursing Home on Islington Avenue. Services were conducted there until 1850.

As the population in the area grew, it was decided that the church needed to serve both Pine Grove and Burwick communities so land was purchased for a church and burying ground, which is now the present day site of Christ Church Woodbridge.

On Sunday morning, February 20, 1921, a fire broke out and within an hour and a half; all that remained of the white frame building was a brick chimney and a few charred beams. The congregation, decided with unanimity and enthusiasm to rebuild. The new brick church, which stands today, was reopened for services on December 4, 1921, with over 1,000 people in attendance."

Extracted from:

“History.” Christ Church Woodbridge,

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Christ Church, Woodbridge, in whose grav

(“Christ Church (Anglican), Woodbridge (c. 1870?).”
Toronto Public Library,

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