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Black Creek Pioneer Village

Protecting heritage is often a difficult process that requires determination, generosity and community involvement.  The structures on this page are all buildings that were originally in Vaughan and moved to Toronto's Black Creek Pioneer Village for preservation.

This structure is located outside of Pioneer Village's Half Way House. "The oven holds 25 loaves at a time." 

(Black Creek Pioneer Village: Toronto's Living History Village, by Nick Mika et al., Natural Heritage Books, 2000.)

Bake Oven Elevation 2_edited_edited.jpg
Bake Oven at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Bake Oven
(originally located
in Vaughan c.1850

Perspective 1_edited_edited.jpg

Mackenzie Barn(c.1850)

Original Location:  Woodbridge, Ontario

(Islington Avenue and Kipling Avenue)

"Built on a stone foundation, this small “town barn” was constructed using a timber frame and vertical boards.

The barn was used by the Mackenzies to house the family horse and cart or buggy."

(“Mackenzie Barn.” Black Creek Pioneer Village, 14 Feb. 2019,

Mackenzie Barn Elevation 1_edited.jpg
Elevation 3_edited_edited.jpg

Mackenzie House(c.1830-1850)

Original Location:  Woodbridge, Ontario (Islington Avenue and Highway 7)

"Originally a tiny log cabin, Mackenzie House was enlarged in 1850 to a one-and-a-half storey home, which included a kitchen wing to accommodate the needs of a growing family. The final occupant was the great grandson of the original settler Major Addison Alexander “Lex” Mackenzie, for whom Major Mackenzie Drive in York Region is named."

(“Mackenzie House.” Black Creek Pioneer Village, 14 Feb. 2019,

Mackenize House Elevation 1_edited_edite
Elevation 1_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Stong Classroom

Prespective 1_edited_edited.jpg
Prespective 3_edited_edited.jpg
Prespective 1_edited_edited.jpg

Tinsmith Shop
& Blackwood Masonic Lodge
(Woodbridge, c.1850)

"The Tinsmith Shop at Black Creek Pioneer Village used to be a hardware store on the main floor, while the second storey was the first home of the Masonic Lodge — named Blackwood Lodge for Thomas Blackwood, a respected local Freemason. It was used regularly during the 1870s." 

(“Tinsmith Shop and Masonic Lodge.” Black Creek Pioneer Village, 14 Feb. 2019,

Elevation 1_edited.jpg
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